POVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The holidays are fast approaching, and this year’s travel season is expected to be the busiest since the pandemic.

Hayley Berg from Hopper tells 12 News that it will likely be a record-breaking holiday season when it comes to flying.

Berg said for those planning on flying for Thanksgiving or Christmas, now is the time to book.

“Flights are going to remain low in price between now and the second week in October, so think of Oct. 15 as your ‘book by’ date,” Berg said.

Berg explained that the sooner a traveler books, the more likely they’re to secure an affordable trip.

“If you book now, the average domestic fare is about $268,” she said. “Christmas is averaging about $400. Christmas is always more expensive.”

Berg said prices for Thanksgiving and Christmas peak roughly two weeks before the holiday.

By waiting, flyers could see the average Thanksgiving flight jump to well over $400 and peak around $600 for Christmas.

The best way to get a good deal, Berg said, is to be flexible with the date.

“Think about fling on less popular dates — adding in a buffer day and taking the first flight of the day your half as likely to be delayed or canceled if you get out by 8 a.m.,” she said.