LINCOLN, R.I. (WPRI) — If you receive an unsolicited text from Citizens Bank regarding a hold on your account, don’t click the link.

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha warned Thursday that scammers are taking advantage of a recent technical issue numerous bank customers reported experiencing.

(Courtesy: Attorney General Peter Neronha)

Citizens Bank has since resolved the issue, which caused duplicate transactions for large sums of money.

Neronha said scammers are sending malicious texts to people that state a hold has been placed on their account.

The message requests the recipient to reactivate their account by clicking on an included link and “following the steps.”

Neronha urged everyone to never click on links sent from unknown numbers, to which Citizens Bank spokesperson Rory Sheehan agreed.

Sheehan also reiterated that Citizens Bank will be reimbursing all customers impacted by the technical issue.

“We apologize again for any inconvenience it has caused,” he said.