(WPRI) — As the national price for gas drops Republicans are still questioning President Joe Biden’s plan to refill the oil reserve.

According to AAA, the average national price is $3.79 per gallon, which is down about 10 cents from last week.

In Rhode Island, the price of gas went down one penny from last week, averaging at $3.53 per gallon. In Massachusetts, the average is $3.58 per gallon, down two cents from last week.

Last week Biden announced his plan to release 15 million more barrels of fuel from the U.S. strategic reserve in a way to help lower gas prices.

Experts say this will leave the reserve at its lowest level since 1984, but Biden said the plan is to restock the reserve when oil prices are at, or lower than, $67 to $72 per barrel.

Republicans say that plan could waste billions of taxpayer dollars and disrupt market mechanisms for oil pricing that could benefit consumers.

Biden’s proposed purchase price is more than double what Republicans wanted to spend to top off the reserve then the cost per barrel was near $20 two years ago.

While prices for regular gas are down, the price of diesel fuel is rising. The national average is $5.32 per gallon, which is up five cents from last week and 40 cents from last month.