PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A $25 million heat pump rebate program got underway Friday in Rhode Island.

The CleanHeatRI program offers rebates to households, small businesses, and nonprofits in order to lower the cost of installation of high-efficiency heat pumps.

The program is broken down into three types of incentives, according to the program’s webpage:

  • Residential Incentives For all Rhode Island residents using fossil fuel heating and cooling
  • Residential Income-Eligible Incentives: Higher incentives will be given to Rhode Island residents to low-income and disadvantaged customers
  • Commercial Incentives: Rebates open to small businesses, nonprofits, community organizations, and public buildings in Rhode Island

Applications for the program start Tuesday, Sept. 5, and will be available on the CleanHeatRI page.

“I have seen how challenging it is for them to pay their own bills and have resources to help the community,” Lt. Gov. Sabia Matos said. “Through these heat pump options, they’re able to save on their energy but also redirect those resources to help their clients.”

Rhode Island Energy also runs its own rebate program, which offers air-source heat pumps for $350 to $1,250 per ton of equipment capacity, depending on the current heating type. They also offer up to $600 for heat pump water heaters.