PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island Energy customers should see a one-time bill credit on their gas and electric bills soon.

The utility company began processing a $63.92 credit on customers’ electric bills and a $64.44 credit on customers’ gas bills issued after Nov. 4.

Customers can review the “Other Charges/Adjustments” part of their upcoming bills, which the utility company said is typically located on page 2, to confirm the credit has been applied.

The credits are from the settlement of a legal challenge against the sale of National Grid, according to the R.I. Public Utilities Commission, and will be applied to all accounts that were active on or before Nov. 1, 2022.

“We know Rhode Islanders are concerned about the rising costs of energy right now, and we are too,” said Dave Bonenberger, president of Rhode Island Energy. “Many places in New England are seeing even higher prices than what we’re experiencing here in Rhode Island. And although these credits won’t alleviate all the challenges our customers are facing, we are hopeful these funds can help lessen the impact of higher supply prices.”

A 47% electricity rate increase went into effect last month, meaning customers are paying an average of $52 more per month for electricity.

Natural gas customers began seeing an average rate hike of about 9.6% last week, which is about $89 annually. For low-income customers, it was about 5.2% or about $58 annually.

Both rate hikes were proposed by Rhode Island Energy to offset the increased costs to provide the power, the utility said.