EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Gas prices are continuing to fall in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, according to AAA Northeast.

Gas in Rhode Island is down to $3.56, which is 13 cents less than last week and 55 cents lower than one month ago.

The average gas price in Massachusetts is $3.68 per gallon, which is 12 cents lower than last week and 52 cents lower than last month.

The national average gas price sits at $3.67 per gallon, according to AAA Northeast, which is the smallest weekly decline the country has seen in months.

“All streaks have to end at some point, and the national average for a gallon of gas has fallen $1.34 since its peak in mid-June,” AAA Northeast’s Lloyd Albert said. “Prices continue to fall locally, but there are big factors tugging on global oil prices — war, COVID, economic recession and hurricane season. All this uncertainty could push oil prices higher, likely resulting in slightly higher pump prices.”

The national average gas price is 4 cents lower than it was last week and 24 cents less than last month.

AAA Northeast believes gas prices are continuing to decline because fewer drivers are filling up. But prices at the pump could reverse course should the cost of oil increase.