EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Pain is easing at the pump as gas prices continue to drop in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The average per gallon is $4.29 in Rhode Island and $4.37 in Massachusetts, while the national average sits at $4.05, according to AAA. The national average is down nearly 70 cents since last month.

AAA said despite a drop in prices, fewer drivers fueled up last week, indicating that driving habits are not returning to normal yet.

“Oil is the primary ingredient in gasoline, so less expensive oil is helpful in taming pump prices,” AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross said. “Couple that with fewer drivers fueling up, and you have a recipe for gas prices to keep easing. It’s possible that the national average will fall below $4 this week.”

Americans are also driving less and combining errands in an effort to reduce spending money on gas, according to AAA.

AAA said prices at the pump should continue to drop if demand remains low, oil prices fall and supply increases.

Despite the decrease in prices, Robert Aguiar of Coventry told 12 News it’s not enough.

“It needs to come down, it really does,” Aguiar said. “It’s just hurting everybody all the way around, hurting the truckers, hurting the food industry.”

Bristol resident Joseph Oliveira said the gas prices have made him cut down on other expenses.

“Absolutely we cut down all that because we’re trying to save some money as far as gas and money to survive,” Oliveira said.