(WPRI) — Gas prices are continuing to trend in the wrong direction in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The average price per gallon is up 6 cents in both states this week, according to AAA Northeast.

The average price for a gallon of regular in Rhode Island is now $3.41 per gallon, while the average in Massachusetts is $3.43 per gallon.

The national average increased by 8 cents this week, averaging $3.50 per gallon.

“January’s weather was relatively mild in much of the nation, which led to more drivers hitting the road,” AAA Northeast’s Mary Maguire said. “However, a return of wintery conditions in February may see a revival of seasonal driving patterns.”

“But with the cost of oil stubbornly hovering around $80 per barrel, drivers probably won’t catch a big break at the pump over the next week or two,” she added.

The national average is 33 cents higher than it was last month and 14 cents higher than last year.