PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — If you are looking to book a trip this holiday season, experts say now is the time to do it before prices go up.

Hayley Berg, an economist with Hopper, said millions of people are expected to travel this year.

“This year we have increase demand for travel but also those folks who want to see family friends, possibly first time since pre pandemic,” Berg explained.

AAA said air travel was up 8% over last year’s Thanksgiving travel, with more than 4.5 million Americans flying to their destinations.

Berg believes the week of Christmas will be even busier.

“We are expecting to about 29 million passengers to be departing from American airports the week before and after the weekend,” she said.

She said that is about 18% more passengers flying than last year and 4% more than 2019.

“Airfare from Providence is actually 9% lower than pre-pandemic prices, averaging about $400,” she said.

Berg expects prices to skyrocket over the next three weeks.

If you are looking to travel internationally, those prices have gone up 26% compared to last year.

“On average, the trips from providence for the Christmas season are averaging over $1,600,” she said.

For international flyers, Berg suggested booking your airline out of larger airports such as Logan International Airport in Boston.

“Smaller airports like Providence are more likely to see heavier price hikes since there are fewer international highest over there,” she said.