Tyson Moultrie is taking on incumbent Jon Mitchell in the race for New Bedford mayor.

New Bedford mayor candidate Tyson Moultrie

Moultrie is an entrepreneur and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

He previously ran for mayor in 2019.

His priorities, according to his website, include quality education, workforce development, public safety, and inclusionary and equitable housing.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

12 News sent a questionnaire to each candidate to learn more about them. Below are Moultrie’s responses.

1. Why do you want to be mayor of New Bedford?

“I want to be mayor of New Bedford because the status quo won’t serve us in the future and while parts of city are getting positioned for prosperity, other parts and people are being almost intentionally left behind. I worked with local businesses mentoring, youth in arts and culture, as well as credit recovery, the homeless serving meals, visited the elderly in nursing homes and helped at the ground level of organizations helping people during the height of the COVID pandemic. I want to see those same groups of people be proud to call New Bedford home, not just because they love it, but because the elected officials and those helping shape the city have done everything to earn it. I want to bring the ‘public’ back into the words ‘public servant.’ I may end up being in the executive seat, but you need solid advisors and the discernment to balance what’s best for the residents here now, the future of the quality of life all residents and what will progress the city into the economic development forefront of the region. We should be leading by example as such an integral hub and collaborating across the region for what’s best for our city.”

2. What do you think is the biggest issue facing New Bedford in the next few years?

“I believe gentrification and forced displacement, affordable housing, economic and educational funding disadvantages, the opioid crisis and a lack of government accountability and transparency are among the biggest issues facing New Bedford in the coming years. I ran in 2019 and still the same pain points exist four years later, with even less action and pleasantry than before, but with more pageantry. The people of New Bedford need action, creative pragmatic problem solving and collaboration between the residents, organizations and the entire city hall to face all of those things, and I believe starting with a redress of our charter and ordinances would be a step to getting us there sooner than later.”

3. What do you think is a hidden gem in New Bedford?

“A hidden gem in New Bedford is really the diverse culture of the city, with so many different backgrounds, from the Portuguese to the Cape Verdean, Central Americans, Black, Asian, etc. bringing all of those flares together makes for some great food, music, art and neighborhoods.”

4. Where can voters go to find more information about your candidacy?

“You can find out more about me at tyfornbma.com, @tyfornbma on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or by stopping in at the next candidates forum at Keith Middle School on 10/24 at 6 p.m. in New Bedford.”

Visit Moultrie’s campaign website »


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