PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The consulting contract for outgoing R.I. Department of Health Director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott has come under scrutiny.

Alexander-Scott announced earlier this month that she’d be resigning, and under the terms of the deal she’ll be working for the Health Department as a consultant from March through May, making $46,000 per month.

During a prescheduled interview for an upcoming special, 12 News had a chance to briefly ask Alexander-Scott about her stepping down.

“The expertise that’s necessary for anyone in this field at this time is something that is certainly was taken into account when the governor offered this,” she said Wednesday. “My goal is to be able to provide the support set up for the smoothest transition possible.”

Members of the Rhode Island Republican Party are now raising red flags. GOP Chairwoman Sue Cienki said Gov. Dan McKee should be more transparent about the terms of Alexander-Scott’s departure.

“Why don’t you just say he was paying her out the terms of her contract and stop the charade?” Cienki asked.

Alexander-Scott stands to make $138,000 over three months as a consultant while McKee searches for her replacement. Payroll records show that income combined with annual salary is still less than what two correctional officers in the state made with overtime last year.

Not counting the consulting job, Alexander-Scott’s $143,000 salary is also less than two officials who work directly beneath her. In 2021, Deputy Director Tom McCarthy, who is also leaving the Health Department, made roughly $152,000, while Dr. James McDonald, the chief administrative officer, made approximately $190,000.

Alexander-Scott will step down from her post by the end of this week. A spokesperson for the Health Department said she will give more extensive interviews on her departure in the coming weeks.