PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Blood Center is renewing its call for donations after the season’s first major snowstorm resulted in nearly 100 missed appointments.

The Blood Center said the state’s blood supply is at a “critically grave level” after the storm caused lower donor turnout and canceled blood drives.

“Patients rely on volunteer blood donors for their life-saving treatments,” Blood Center Vice President Beau Tompkins said. “Our supply remains at critical levels as demand surges beyond pre-pandemic levels.”

“We need Southern New Englanders to roll up their sleeves and give the gift of life to help us stabilize the supply,” he added.

Right now, the state only has a two-day blood supply overall. The Blood Center said type O and platelets are at a “crisis level,” with less than a day’s supply available.

The Blood Center said it needs 250 donations each day to maintain the standard seven-day supply level.

The alarming levels follow a difficult February, according to the Blood center, which saw some of the worst donation levels in over five years.

“Every two seconds someone is in need of blood, and you likely know someone who has needed this lifesaving treatment,” Blood Center spokesperson Caitlin Grimaldi-Flick said. “These treatments do not stop due to snowy weather. It is essential that first-time and lapsed donors make an appointment during this critical time period.” 

There is an urgent need for all blood types, but especially type O and platelets. This month, the Blood Center is incentivizing donations by offering donors a chance to win wireless earbuds.