(WPRI) — Cooking with a gas stove may soon be a thing of the past.

A federal agency is considering a ban on gas stoves due to concerns about indoor pollution being linked to childhood asthma, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

In the December 2022 study, a US Consumer Product Safety commissioner told Bloomberg that using gas stoves has a “hidden hazard.”

Researchers said the chemicals emitted from the appliances while in use are a “significant trigger,” saying that nitrogen dioxide or NO2, in particular, is known to cause respiratory distress and asthma attacks.

Nationally, researchers believe gas stoves are a contributor to asthma at a rate of 13% — in Massachusetts, it was even higher at more than 15%.

About 35% of households in the U.S. use a gas stove, which is causing some controversy.

Dozens of local governments, including Los Angeles and New York, are already mandating new homes and businesses run on electric rather than gas appliances, while about 20 states responded by forbidding such bans.

“Obviously getting rid of a gas stove and replacing it with another technology eliminates the source, but you can do quite a bit with ventilation,” said Dr. Jon Levy with the Boston University of Public Health.

A spokesperson for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers told 12 News in a statement ventilation should be the primary method used to address pollutants while cooking.

“A ban on gas cooking appliances would remove an affordable and preferred technology used in more than 40% of homes across the country,” Spokesperson Jill Notini said. “A ban would fail to address the overall concern of indoor air quality while cooking, because all forms of cooking, regardless of heat source, generate air pollutants. A focus on increased use of ventilation is an effective solution to improve indoor air quality while cooking.”

Levy said for smaller homes, ventilation isn’t the final answer for every kitchen with a gas stove.

Previous Stanford research found leaks from gas stoves alone produce planet-warming pollution equal to half-a-million gas-powered cars each week.

For those considering switching to an electric stove, President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act includes rebates to help switch from gas to electric.