PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island and Massachusetts could be doing much better when it comes to their tobacco control policies, according to a new report.

The American Lung Association released report cards for each state, and both Rhode Island and Massachusetts got failing grades for “Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding.”

The report noted that despite Rhode Island receiving $200 million in tobacco taxes, the state’s tobacco control efforts are only funded at 14% of the level recommended by the CDC.

Both states received A’s for “Smoke-Free Air” and B’s for Tobacco Taxes and Access to Cessation Services.

The only difference was in the final category, “Flavored Tobacco Products.” Massachusetts got an A for ending the sale of these products, while Rhode Island, where they’re still sold, was given a D.

“Unlike our neighbors in Massachusetts, Rhode Island is now lagging behind when it comes to tobacco control policies,” said Daniel Fitzgerald, director of advocacy at the American Lung Association in Rhode Island. “Our legislators have an important opportunity to improve the health of our state through proven policies, such as adequately funding the State’s Tobacco Control Program, ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products, and ensuring that casinos are a smoke-free workplace and venue for all Rhode Islanders.”