EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A new online program is connecting patients to clinical trials, ensuring they’re aware of a variety of treatment options.

Fast Trek was created by Jamie Lavoie and Nick Cardi Jr when Cardi’s father, Nick from Cardi’s Furniture, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015. Lavoie said the idea to help patients find clinical trials for diseases came from the Cardi family’s extensive surveyal of different types of treatment.

“At Fast Trek, we have a saying that there are no cures without clinical trials,” Lavoie said. “We saw a lot of patients not realizing all of their treatment options.”

Lavoie said all a patient has to do is visit the program’s website, create a login and detail the criteria for treatment of your disease or illness. Once this is completed, Fast Trek finds a clinical trial for the patient, either in the state, region or nationwide.

“Without the program, we will never find out if there is a cure for something, we need to investigate all of our options,” Scituate resident Paula Vinacco said.

Vinacco was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 13 years ago and is hoping Fast Trek will expose her at different types of treatment.

“As things worsen and progress with my disease, I may look at different avenues and things I can try to make it all halt completely,” Vinacco said.

Andrew Shumaker, the director of clinical trials for the Lifespan Cancer Institute and Clinical Research Center, said he believes Fast Trek is a positive step forward in helping patients discover different types of treatment.

“I think this is something the medical community would welcome,” he said.

“From our research, we found the number one reason why people weren’t enrolling in clinical trials is either they didn’t know about them or they didn’t know where to find them,” Lavoie added.