PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Some Rhode Islanders may be waiting an extra day or two to get their COVID-19 test results back, according to state health officials.

Dr. Philip Chan, a consultant medical director with the R.I. Department of Health, says there have been delays from the laboratory that runs the majority of the state testing here in Rhode Island.

“They had an issue on their machines,” Dr. Chan said.

Dr. Chan said the state expects the issue to be resolved and fixed some time by the middle of this week, but to acknowledge people may experience delays if they get tested at a state-run test site. Chan said the issue has been affecting PCR tests, not rapid tests.

“So, just asking people for their patience. We’re on it, we’re working on it. But please make sure to take that into account certainly for any travel plans,” Chan said.

At-home tests are also available at pharmacies and big box stores, but Chan noted how tests have been in short supply prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I was actually able to buy some Binax at home tests a couple of days ago, as a matter of fact, whereas in previous weeks I hadn’t been able to get them, so we are seeing an uptick in the supply of the home-based tests,” Chan said.

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On Monday, the Health Department disclosed 2,414 new positive cases since data was last released before Thanksgiving, along with 12 additional COVID-19-related deaths.

Hospitalizations ticked up to 148, with 22 patients in the intensive care unit and 15 on ventilators, according to the Health Department.

The Health Department’s data shows more than 73% of Rhode Island’s population is now fully vaccinated, while close to 83% are at least partially vaccinated.