WARWICK (WPRI) ─ It may start to feel like you’re going through the same motions every day, unsure of when the monotonous cycle will end.

Alex Turchetta, a psychologist with Strategic Psychological Services, said it’s important to take care of your mental health during these unprecedented times.

If you’re feeling down from being cooped up at home, he suggests filling your day with productive activities.

“Maintaining some semblance of routine is big, not just laying in bed all day,” Turchetta said. “Getting up, making breakfast, working on a project.”

Turchetta also suggests taking the time to reframe the situation by thinking about it as a chance to do things you previously felt like you never had time for.

“In today’s society we hardly get a moment to breathe,” he said.

Turchetta said those are just some ways you can change your mindset, but it’s important to remember everyone is in this together.

“Knowing that we are all dealing with this together can really help normalize those feelings of anxiety and stress, knowing that we are all in the same boat,” Turchetta said.

Turchetta and his colleagues are also navigating the new normal, with their practice moving all appointments online.

He said for him, it’s been business as usual, “except we’re not face-to-face.”

Turchetta said for anyone who is considering speaking to a mental health professional, trying an online session is a great starting point.

“Those people who are isolated, feeling like they are disconnected from a lot of people and missing that social connection, this is a really good way to keep that up,” he said.

Turchetta said his practice can help you set up the tools on your computer or phone to take part in an online session.

“You can connect with a therapist to talk about stress, depression, anxiety, how to manage the situation and go from there,” Turchetta explained.