PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents are among the least skeptical in the country about the COVID-19 vaccine, according to new survey data.

The new Morning Consult data shows Massachusetts is tied with Hawaii for the lowest rate of COVID-19 vaccine opposition nationwide, with only 11% of residents in those states saying they will not get a shot. Rhode Island is tied with Maryland for fourth lowest, with 15% unwilling to get one. Connecticut is tied for second lowest, at 13%.

Residents in Mississippi, Idaho and South Dakota have the highest rates of opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine, with nearly one in three of their residents saying they won’t get immunized.

Morning Consult also tested what share of residents are open to getting vaccinated but uncertain whether they will actually do so.

The survey firm found 15% of Rhode Islanders say they are unsure whether they will get a shot, the highest rate of uncertainty among the New England states. In Massachusetts and Maine, 13% of residents are uncertain, while Connecticut and Vermont are at 12%, and New Hampshire is at 9%.

Morning Consult conducted 273,111 survey interviews nationwide between March 20 and April 19. The average sample size for each state was 2,729 survey interviews, ranging from 217 to 11,717 interviews across all 50. (The individual states’ total interviews were not provided.)

More information is available at the Morning Consult Vaccine Sentiment Dashboard.

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