PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — At a rate of more than 57 new cases per 100,000 persons over the past week, Rhode Island is now considered to have “substantial transmission” of the coronavirus by the CDC’s standards.

This is a first for the state since it began keeping an eye on that rate, which fell to just below 10 new cases per 100,000 persons over a seven-day period at the start of the month and has been growing ever since.

The current rate, however, is still a far cry from the apex in December. About a week before the first vaccine doses were administered in Rhode Island, the state had a rate of 886 new cases per 100,000 persons over a seven-day period, according to data from the R.I. Department of Health.

On Monday, the Health Department reported 246 new positive cases since COVID-19 data was last released on Friday, but there were no additional deaths.

Hospitalizations ticked up to 22, with three patients in the intensive care unit and two on ventilators.

Another 1,400 people became fully vaccinated over the weekend, the data shows, with about 3,400 doses administered in total.

As of Monday, more than 67% of the state’s population was at least partially vaccinated while roughly 61% was fully vaccinated.