A survey conducted last month showed that half of Rhode Island households will consider not inviting unvaccinated guests to their get-togethers this holiday season to protect elderly relatives.

In Massachusetts, 73% of families said they will require their holiday guests to be vaccinated, while neighboring Connecticut surveyed at 78%.

The nationwide survey of 3,758 respondents (source: Duffy & Duffy), found 19% of people still don’t intend on getting vaccinated, which may result in those who are vaccinated hesitating to mix and mingle with those who aren’t.

But if you’ve already sent out invites to loved ones asking them to join the family gathering — when is an appropriate time to ask about their vaccination status? Is it better to recall these invites sooner rather than later? Does your household have a vaccine mandate in place?

Take this WPRI.com interactive poll , and browse the interactive map below to see how people in different states responded to the survey.

State-by-State Outlook

Hawaii is the state with the most families enforcing vaccination for family gatherings (94%), while Louisiana has the lowest (35%). See how each state compares using the map below.

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