BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he is frustrated that a tight vaccine supply is preventing health care providers from vaccinating as many people against COVID-19 as they can.

Baker said the state has the capacity to administer 242,000 doses of vaccine a week, but has only been receiving 103,000 to 106,000 doses a week.

“At this point, we have far more capacity to deliver vaccine than we have available vaccine,” Baker said Saturday after touring a mass vaccination site at the Eastfield Mall Springfield.

“I’d like to get to the point where we are in the business of delivering as much vaccine as we possibly can given the capacity we have built to the people of the commonwealth, because, let’s face it, this is big a part of helping us get over COVID and getting it behind us.”

Massachusetts has now administered more than 1 million doses of vaccine, Baker said.

The focus in Massachusetts will remain on making sure as many residents who are 75 and older get vaccinated before expanding vaccine eligibility, Baker said.