Photos: March 13 Snowstorm


Deer searching for a patch of grass in Foxboro, MA. Submitted by Tom Gere

Brittany Palladini's boyfriend received news today that he is finally cancer free. The two celebrated by building a snowman! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Brittany Palladini)

Someone's excited for spring! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Dianne Cohen)

This little one is helping clear snow from the driveway. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Jacob Stepien)

National Grid working in Scituate. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Herb Gowdy)

Goats enjoying the snow in Westport! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Travis Perry)

Wow! More than 20 inches in Glocester. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Ray Laliberte and Leigh MacPher)

Cardinal in a tree during the storm. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Jennifer Gingras)

Billy can't see through the windows, but Tony is keeping him updated on the weather outside! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Alan Richard-Arcand)

12 week old puppies playing in the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Amanda Authelet)

Sophie loves playing in the snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Lachen Chernyha)

Instead of a snowman this person built a snow volcano. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Victoria Holbert)

This dog is great at catching snowballs! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Michael Hoff)

This kitten isn't enjoying the snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Lauren Graham)

Bohdi watching the snow fall over the brook at Waddington School. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Jean Gendron)

Stitch is one of our biggest fans! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Jamie Dufault)

Tree down on a pond in North Scituate. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Allen Nelson)

Cool snowman out of North Scituate! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Catrina Lancellotta)

Looks like this viewer won't be grilling for awhile. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Mary)

Bike covered in snow in Riverside. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Linda Ashley)

Missy is checking out the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Robin Low)

Dean of North Scituate is enjoying a snow day. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Angelica Bonetti)

Tree limbs completely cover a yard in Attleboro. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kim Allard)

Grace is skeptical of all of this snow! (Amanda Mathias/WPRI-TV)

Freddie and Ernie are looking good in their winter sweaters! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Diane Aufiero)

John and Elly are enjoying some snow yoga in Greenville. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Elly and John McGonigle)

Walter catches a toy while Herman catches up! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Caitlyn Riley)

Tree in the middle of the road in North Providence. (Jesus Mendoza/WPRI-TV)

This tree fell over earlier and is now starting to get covered in snow on Triggs Golf Course in Providence. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Steve Crawley)

Wow! This is how much snow accumulated on this viewers railing in East Greenwich. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Steve Packer)

Plows continue to work on clearing snow in Warwick, though driving conditions remain dangerous as snow continues to fall. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Justin White)

These sheep look like they're ready for this snow to be done. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Douglas Lang)

This dog seems timid of the snow piling up on this deck in Harrisville. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Christine McCombs)

Annie loves playing in the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Deb Scotto)

This hammock in Scituate won't be used for a while. (Submitted via ReportIt! by David Clarke)

Birds trying to grab some snacks before heading back out into the storm. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kathy Tavers)

Jerry Haynes is having a great time shoveling in his T-Rex costume! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Shannon Haynes)

Snow is piling up on furniture in this backyard in North Smithfield. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Robert Plante)

Yukon and Juneau play with a ball in the snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Julie Thole)

It's a winter wonderland in Foster Glocester. (Johnny Villella/WPRI-TV)

Snow is piling up in Attleboro. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Genae Greene)

Paislee's first time in the snow in Portsmouth. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Lauren Souza)

Streetlights frozen over in East Greenwich. (Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

Gas pumps beginning to freeze over in some areas. (Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

This dog is enjoying watching the snow fall in North Smithfield. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Christine Aceto)

Bear playing outside while also trying not to blow away in the wind. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Mandy Watts)

Mail carrier braving the elements in Warwick. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Donna Coates)

This dog doesn't seem too amused by the snow in Cranston. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Remi Prior)

Tree covers car on Snake Hill in Glocester (Submitted via ReportIt! by Sarah Giorgi)

Tree toppled over in East Greenwich. (Photo: Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

This viewer won't be going swimming anytime soon! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Tom Sabetta)

These talented viewers built a boxer out of snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Tara DiFruscio)

Even though he has access to a warm barn in North Scituate, Orion loves the snow so much he stays outside. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kerri Passaretta)

Emmett, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is enjoying his time in the snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Heather Tarka)

These viewers are having fun playing in the snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Sarah Gagnon)

Zoe is feeling windswept while playing in the snow in Warwick. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Terace Greene Hadfield)

These birds are enjoying some lunch in the snow in Johnston. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Vic Rodriguez)

Marty the mini Goldendoodle is having fun in the snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Danny Kern)

Todd Wallace and a few hours' worth of plowing (Photo: Scott Del Sole/WPRI-TV)

Cookie from Pawtucket loves to catch snowballs! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Melissa Lavoie)

RIEMA Emergency Operations Center (Photo: Susan Campbell/WPRI-TV)

Tree comes down on East Greenwich home (Photo: Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

Roxy and Miles in Little Compton (Submitted via ReportIt! by MaryKate Foley)

Family time indoors (Submitted via ReportIt! by Sasha Santamaria)

Easton's Beach in Middletown (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kevin O'Halloran)

Turkeys in Cumberland (Submitted via ReportIt! by Vicki Henriques)

State House mid-storm (Photo: Scott Del Sole/WPRI-TV)

Plow hard at work in Providence (Photo: Scott Del Sole/WPRI-TV)

No swings today (Submitted via ReportIt! by Diane Holmes)

Chepachet (Submitted via ReportIt! by Hope Pepper)

West Greenwich (Submitted via ReportIt! by Merianne Serydynski)

North Smithfield (Submitted via ReportIt! by Michelle Begin)

Birds grabbing a bite to eat in North Dartmouth (Submitted via ReportIt! by Bill Begin)

Leonard checking on Marley in the snow (Submitted via ReportIt! by Andriole Johnston)

Snow in Providence (Photo: Ted Nesi/WPRI-TV)

Swansea (Submitted via ReportIt! by Donna Cote)

Driveway in West Kingston (Submitted via ReportIt! by Jane Carlson-Pickering)

Hollee making sure her family has enough wood for the stove (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kerri Hayes of South Kingstown)

Deck in Johnston - and it's already been cleared off once! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Ron Bianchi)

West Greenwich (Submitted via ReportIt! by Dennis Bellisle, Jr.)

Watching the snow, wanting to go out and play (Submitted via ReportIt! by Lisa Duphily of Attleboro)

South Kingstown farm (Submitted via ReportIt! by Henry Cabrera)

Coventry backyard (Submitted via ReportIt! by Roxanne Barry)

North Smithfield (Submitted via ReportIt! by Bob Bergeron)

Simba at Misquamicut Beach (Submitted via ReportIt! by Tracy Hughes)

Rehoboth (Submitted via ReportIt! by Deanna Medeiros)

Austin Farm Road in Exeter (Submitted via ReportIt! by Glenn Hampton)

Peacedale (Submitted via ReportIt! by William Robertson)

Woonsocket (Submitted via ReportIt! by Clifford Marshall)

More than half a foot so far in Western Coventry (Submitted via ReportIt! by Renee Nolan)

Pleasant View Avenue in Greenville (Submitted via ReportIt! by Lauren Trahan)

Jamestown (Submitted via ReportIt! by Doreen Broomhead)

Plow working in New Bedford (Photo: Michaela MacDonald/WPRI-TV)

Richmond (Submitted by Deby Nunes)

Richmond (Submitted by Deby Nunes)

Snowy scene in Glendale, R.I. (Submitted by Mark Plante)

Chepachet (Submitted by Ana Romanik)

Narragansett Bay (Photo: Tim White/WPRI-TV)

New Bedford (Photo: Michaela MacDonald/WPRI-TV)

North Scituate

Kingston, R.I. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Anna Norfolk)

Wakefield, R.I. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Fern Bergersen)

Conditions in Cranston (Photo: Brian Yocono/WPRI-TV)

Conditions in Foster, R.I. (Photo: Erica Regan/WPRI-TV)

6:45 a.m. snow accumulations in Providence (Photo: Todd Wallace/WPRI-TV)

Morning in New Bedford (Photo: Michaela MacDonald/WPRI-TV)

Not exactly a morning for coffee on the porch (Submitted by Rob Clement)

I-95 in Providence (Photo: Todd Wallace/WPRI-TV)

Accumulations in Cumberland Hill (Submitted by Scott Gould)

Driving conditions on Route 146 in North Providence (Photo: Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

Quiet commute on the MBTA from Providence to Boston (Photo submitted by James H. Leach)

Plows get to work in Providence (Photo: Todd Wallace/WPRI-TV)

Accumulations begin in New Bedford (Photo: Michaela MacDonald/WPRI-TV)

Snow-covered bush in Lincoln (Photo: Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

Driving conditions on Route 146 (Photo: Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

Accumulations begin in New Bedford (Photo: Michaela MacDonald/WPRI-TV)

Snowfall at the State House (Photo: Todd Wallace/WPRI-TV)

Snow starting to stick in Providence (Photo: Todd Wallace/WPRI-TV)

All's quiet at T.F. Green, with the storm causing cancellations across the board (Photo: Eric Halperin/WPRI-TV)

Knox is enjoying the snow on the Johnston, Scituate line. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Ron Bianchi)

Tree down in Dighton, Mass. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Vucto Rodrigues)

It may look like winter on the outside, but inside this Cranston home it looks more like spring. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Greg Gould)

Dogs frolicking in the snow in Coventry. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kristen Deblasio)

Fruit tree drooped over and covered in snow. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Charlene Atkinson)

At least these two pups from Swansea are enjoying the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Sam Travis)

Power lines drooping low in Coventry. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Kim Fazio)

Bear loves the snow but definitely misses the warm weather! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Mandy Watts)

Lucy is loving the snow in Foster. (Submitted via ReportIt! by Maria Muldowney)

Just a boy and his snow dog! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Tiffany King)

Phantom and Whiskey enjoy playing in the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Wendy Xavier)

Bruschi loves the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Allan)

This pup is struggling to run through the snow! (Submitted via ReportIt! by Cris Pedrosa)