PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — More than two dozen Taylor Swift fans are “dressing for revenge.”

Twenty-six Swifties are suing Ticketmaster’s parent company following a chaotic presale for her upcoming “The Eras” tour that left millions of fans without a chance to score tickets.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, accuses Live Nation Entertainment of intentional deception, fraud, breach of contract, price-fixing and violating anti-trust laws.

The lawsuit takes issue with Ticketmaster’s “Verified Fan” registration process, which requires those interested to sign up for a chance to receive a presale participation code.

Ticketmaster distributed those codes to 1.5 million registrants the day before Swift’s presale, while the remaining 2 million fans were placed on a waitlist.

The glitch-ridden presale left millions of fans waiting in the online queue for hours, according to the lawsuit. It also accuses Ticketmaster of not giving fans an adequate amount of time to purchase tickets before removing selected seats from their carts.

Fans were also repeatedly booted from the website, which Ticketmaster claimed was, in part, due to a record-breaking number of system requests.

The lawsuit accuses Ticketmaster of deceiving fans by distributing more presale codes than it could accommodate and allowing buyers without codes, including scalpers and bots, to purchase tickets.

“Ticketmaster gave out more codes than tickets,” the lawsuit states. “Even if millions of buyers without codes had been given tickets, only about half of those with codes would be able to get tickets.”

The presale fiasco forced Ticketmaster to cancel general ticket sales for Swift’s tour due to “extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory.”

The decision to cancel general ticket sales sparked outrage, not only from fans who weren’t selected to participate in the presale, but also from those who did and were left empty-handed.

The lawsuit claims Ticketmaster also defrauded fans by encouraging them to spend a certain amount of money on the singer’s merchandise in exchange for a buyer code and “a fair chance to get a ticket.”

Ticketmaster had promised fans who had purchased tickets to the canceled “LoverFest” tour that they would “be entitled to participate in the presale of ‘The Eras’ tour tickets,” according to the lawsuit.

“Ticketmaster made these promises without any intent to perform as expected,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit accuses Ticketmaster of monopolizing the concert industry by forcing popular musicians, like Swift, to rely solely on the ticket provider.

“No other venue can hold half as many people as the stadiums and venues working through Ticketmaster,” the lawsuit explains.

The lawsuit requests that Live Nation pay a $2,500 civil fine per violation. If successful, the lawsuit could cost Live Nation millions of dollars, especially since Ticketmaster estimates that 2 million tickets were sold during the presale debacle.

Ticketmaster, which apologized to Swift fans who “had a terrible experience trying to purchase tickets,” has not yet commented publicly on the lawsuit.

“The Eras” tour is Swift’s first tour since 2018. The 52-show tour, which includes a stop at Gillette Stadium, kicks off in March and wraps up in August.

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