MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — It’s official: Zeus, the dog who’s believed to be part wolf, has found his forever home.

The Potter League for Animals announced over the weekend that Zeus is moving to Vermont to live with Ron, his new owner.

The animal shelter began searching for a new home for Zeus earlier this month after he was surrendered by his previous owner.

Zeus is illegal to privately own in Rhode Island and surrounding states, which is why the animal shelter couldn’t find him a new home right away.

Vermont is one of two states closest to Rhode Island where “wolfdogs” are legal to own, with the other being New Jersey.

The Potter League believes Zeus is 1/3 German Shepherd, 1/3 Husky and 1/3 wolf.

While his official DNA results won’t be in for another couple of weeks, the animal shelter said his previous owner confirmed he is part wolf.