NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — The search is over. A dog tag dating back to World War II is on its way home to a woman in New Bedford.

Jaroslav Sevcik and his family were metal detecting in the western part of the Czech Republic when they found dog tags with the name Walter Chadwick on them.

After posting the tags on the internet, Sevcik found out Chadwick had passed away in 1955 and is buried at Saint Mary’s Cemetary in New Bedford.

The family found the soldier’s daughter and grandson thanks to help from social media. Now they are being mailed to Patricia, Walter’s last living daughter.

“One of my nephews, the middle one, Aaron, thinks that somehow this is my sister Nancy letting us know she hooked up in the afterlife with Walter and Julie and she is sending us some signals,” Patricia said.

Walter’s grandson Aaron carried on the family tradition and is a 22-year Veteran of the Air Force. He has since left the military and now lives in Virginia.

The U.S. Army was in the Czech Republic to liberate the area from the Nazis during the war.

This isn’t the first time the Sevcik family had found dog tags that traced back to a family in Massachusetts. Two years ago they were able to reunite dog tags with a family in Wakefield.