PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Roger Williams Park Zoo announced Monday the birth of a Southern tamandua.

Zoo keepers have yet to decide on a name for the tamandua pup, which was born on May 6. The family resides in the Faces of the Rainforest habitat.

The zoo’s animal care staff and veterinary team continue to monitor the mom and baby by giving daily weigh-ins and wellness checks.

The pup will continue to bond with its mom in private before they start to make public appearances. Until then, the zoo says you can see updates on the pup’s progress on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

According to the zoo, the Southern tamandua, also called the lesser anteater, is the arboreal relative of the anteater. They are native to South America and while they don’t have teeth, they can eat up to 9,000 ants in a single day.