WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — When you walk into Lemongrass in Warwick, you might hear someone shout “meow!”

That someone is Bella, and she means business.

Bella is a robot that helps servers deliver plates to tables at the popular Post Road sushi restaurant.

“She is our newest addition to the restaurant,” server Hannah Merdink said. “She’s got four different trays and can go to four tables at a time.”

Merdink demonstrated how Bella works when 12 News visited the restaurant Thursday afternoon.

Bella has the restaurant’s layout memorized, according to Merdink. All a server has to do, she said, is place the plates on one of her four shelves and plug in the table numbers.

“Dear guest, your meal is ready!” Bella chirps when she arrives at the table.

Bella then directs the guests to the tray that corresponds with their order.

“When you hear her voice, you can’t help but turn around and see what’s going on,” customer Lillian Mendelowitz said. “It’s really cute.”

Bella arrived at the restaurant last month, according to Merdink. She’s been extremely helpful ever since, especially when it comes to carrying out large orders.

“It makes things so much easier,” Merdink added.

Merdink said Bella has sensors on her that prevent her from crashing into anything that gets in her way, including unsuspecting guests.

But the vast majority of guests already know Bella, and Merdink said those who don’t can hear her coming.

“The guests love her,” she said. “Her face is a little kitten, so she’s cute.”

Bella can also sing, according to Merdink, and greets customers when they walk in the door.

“She knows the ‘Happy Birthday’ song if a guest has a birthday, so it saves guests from hearing my voice,” she said with a laugh.

When asked whether she was worried that robots like Bella could eventually take her job, Merdink said no.

“It’s not like self check out [at the grocery store],” she explained. “[She’s] just a helper.”

The owner of Lemongrass tells 12 News Bella cost $15,000 and so far, she’s been worth the investment.