(WPRI) — Danielle Rouleau is a big Ed Sheeran fan.

“I got a tattoo of his album. I haven’t updated it yet,” she told 12 News.

Now, all of her Ed Sheeran albums are signed because the Foster native got the surprise of a lifetime from the singer-songwriter himself.

Ed Sheeran signed Danielle Rouleau’s albums after surprising her at her home in Los Angeles. (Courtesy: Danielle Rouleau)

“I heard the knock at the door, got up, opened it, and he was just standing in my doorway with a guitar,” Rouleau recalled. “It’s just nuts. It’s like a fangirl’s dream.”

Sheeran’s team had told Rouleau they were going to film her opening a box with exclusive merchandise, but instead, Sheeran himself appeared and played an unreleased song from his new album, “Autumn Variations,” in the living room of her Los Angeles home.

Rouleau said she was so surprised at first that she shut the door in Sheeran’s face. Her roommate wasn’t even there for the moment.

“He doesn’t need to be there for me to open up a box,” Rouleau explained. “So he left, he took the dog, and when he came back I was like, ‘I’m so sorry! Ed Sheeran just performed in our living room, so sorry that you were not here for this!'”

The first people Rouleau told about the surprise were her family back home in Rhode Island. She said her family couldn’t believe it either.

Rouleau was one of 14 fans that Sheeran surprised back in August. She can now relive the experience every time she listens to his acoustic version of the album, titled “The Fan’s Living Room Sessions.”

“I hadn’t heard the song until the album was released officially,” Rouleau added. “The only time I had heard it was when he played it in my living room, and I can’t listen to it without tearing up. And the fact that the live one is there and I can relive that over and over again? Like, how special?”

A screenshot of Danielle Rouleau’s texts to her family. (Courtesy: Danielle Rouleau)

“Autumn Variations” is the second album Sheeran released this year, but the first under his own label, Gingerbread Man Records.

Each of the 14 songs on the album are about a different one of Sheeran’s friends. On CBS Mornings, he shared how he got ideas for the album by spending time at home with his wife.

“Me and Cherry cook a lot, and we always put on the same sort of records. It’s like Norah Jones’ ‘Come Away with Me’ or Jack Johnson ‘In Between Dreams’ and stuff,” Sheeran said. “And I was always like … I don’t have a record like this, that’s just one producer, one mood, one feel.”

Rouleau said if she could say one thing to Sheeran now, it would be “thank you.”

“I won’t shut up about it. I don’t think ever,” she laughed. “I think everything in my life will be related back to this, and people will get very, very annoyed with me.”