PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Millions of Hyundai and Kia owners across the country have not taken the necessary steps to protect their vehicles from being stolen, according to a new report from CARFAX.

Thousands of Rhode Islanders still need to have a software upgrade or a steering wheel lock installed to prevent thefts in models made from 2011 to 2022.

Patrick Olsen from CARFAX said the vehicles were built without immobilizers, which can make it easier for thieves to steal.

“We have heard reports of thousands of thefts coast to coast and when we crunched the numbers from Hyundai and Kia, we discovered there are 4.9 million still unfixed on US roads today, including 22,500 in Rhode Island,” Olsen explained.

He said viral videos online sparked the increase of thefts across the country and some incidences even turned deadly.

“The Traffic Safety Administration estimates that at least eight fatalities have been associated with these thefts,” he said.

If you own one of the affected cars, Olsen urges you to have it checked out at your local dealer for free.