SCITUATE, R.I. (WPRI) — Throughout her more than 11 years on this earth, K-9 Ruby made quite the impact on everyone she came into contact with.

Rhode Island State Police Cpl. Dan O’Neil and Ruby officially became a team back in 2011. O’Neil previously told 12 News that, at the time, Ruby had been deemed “unadoptable” and was nearly put down.

The Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix was given a second chance when Joe Warzycha, who was working at the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA) at the time, suggested she would be good at police work.

“The dog was so smart and all the talents the dog had just weren’t being focused on the right things,” O’Neil said. “The dog just needed a job.”

O’Neil took on the daunting task of training Ruby, not only as a police dog, but in general.

Ruby passed her tests with flying colors, according to O’Neil, and joined the R.I. State Police as a search-and-rescue K-9.

It wasn’t until 2017 when she was sent on a mission that has since been forever memorialized in the Netflix original movie “Rescued by Ruby.”

O’Neil and Ruby were called to Glocester to help search for a 19-year-old boy who had been reported missing earlier in the day. Ruby found him in grave condition after searching the woods for more than six hours.

It wasn’t until later that O’Neil learned the boy’s mother, Patricia Inman, volunteered at the East Providence shelter during Ruby’s time there.

“I said, ‘no way, that was the dog that you never gave up on that just saved your son’s life,’ and she started to cry,” O’Neil said. “I think this was Ruby‘s way of saying ‘thank you’ for never giving up on her.”

Ruby would go on to be nationally recognized, receiving the Search and Rescue Hero Dog award in 2018.

“She’s changed the world, she really has for a lot of people,” Inman said.

O’Neil told 12 News earlier this year that Ruby showed no signs of slowing down.

That all changed Friday, when Ruby was put down due to a sudden and untreatable illness.

“She had a full, happy and wonderful life, not only as a trooper, but as part of a loving family,” R.I. State Police Col. Darnell Weaver said. “She worked right until the end and never gave up doing what she loved most – making people smile.”

It’s those memories that will live on in the hearts of everyone she touched, especially O’Neil, who said he’s spent every waking moment with her since they first met.

“I’m with Ruby 24/7,” O’Neil said. “When I’m in my office typing away, she’s sitting down next to me at my desk. When I’m at home sleeping, she’s sleeping right next to me on the floor.”

“If I slide that gate open, all of a sudden I’ll see the snout on my shoulder,” he continued, referencing the separator between the front and back seat of his cruiser. “We just have a bond that’s completely unbreakable.”

Ruby, who lived with O’Neil and his family, will be memorialized in a private ceremony.