RAYNHAM, Mass. (WPRI) — Kimberly and Jared Anderson have always decorated their front yard for Halloween, but this year was different.

The Raynham family decided to go “all out” in memory of their 9-year-old daughter Evelyn, who suddenly passed away earlier this year.

Evelyn, who went by “Evie,” was born on Oct. 22 and absolutely adored the spooky holiday, according to Kimberly.

“She was a big fan of everything scary,” Kimberly said, adding that she used to carry around her ‘zombie babies’ as if they were normal baby dolls. “She loved everything there was to love about Halloween.”

Jared said it was always his daughter who motivated her to go the extra mile when decorating.

“She was my inspiration and she kept us going,” Jared said. “There were some years where we didn’t want to [decorate], but Evelyn would step up and push me out there.”

Kimberly and Jared described setting up the Halloween display as being “therapeutic” in their grieving process. Though Evelyn is no longer physically with them, the entire family can still feel her presence.

“We’re celebrating her life and spreading joy to other kids, so they can enjoy what Evelyn loved,” Jared said.

The Andersons plan on keeping their tradition alive every Halloween in Evelyn’s honor. They are also in the process of launching a nonprofit called “The Evelyn Grace Fund” to help families with their children’s medical expenses.

Andy Paskowski contributed to this report.