PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The rare red wolf pup born earlier this year at Roger Williams Park Zoo officially has a name.

The female pup, named Saluda, was born on May 25.

The red wolf is considered the world’s most endangered canid species, according to the zoo. Red wolves were declared extinct in 1980. There are only 15-20 red wolves that remain the wild, thanks to reintroduction efforts, and they are all located in North Carolina.

Saluda and her parents, 7-year-old Brave and 6-year-old Diego, are part of the zoo’s red wolf breeding program. She is the first red wolf born at the zoo since 2005.

Zoo veterinarians gave Saluda her first check-up Wednesday, during which she was microchipped and vaccinated.

Following a brief exam, the zoo said Saluda was given “a clean bill of health.”

The zoo said Saluda is now actively exploring her environment “as she continues to gain confidence and build essential skills.”

“Zoo visitors may catch a glimpse of her playing with mom and dad in between naps, on their next visit,” the zoo said. “We are grateful we get to watch her grow and become even more playful over the summer.”