MILLBURY, Mass. (WPRI) — If you’ve ever wanted to own a “probably haunted” funeral home, now’s your chance.

Instead of hanging a traditional “For Sale” sign in front of 56 Main Street in Millbury, real estate agent Ericka Kristal Eucker decided to pique the interest of paranormal enthusiasts instead.

The sign staked in the lawn outside Turgeon Funeral Home reads “Probably Haunted,” though Eucker couldn’t say for sure whether that’s actually the case.

“It’s been standing for many years and certainly has some history to go with it,” she told WCVB. “I’m not sure if it truly is haunted, but given its age, I suppose it’s a possibility.”

The 5,188-square-foot building was built back in 1850 as a single-family home, according to the online listing. It has been owned by the same family since the 1940s and has served as a funeral home since 1948.

“If you’re a homeowner looking for a home with extraordinary presence and space, this could easily be converted back into a single-family home,” the listing reads.

The colonial-style building features three bedrooms and five bathrooms and has an asking price of roughly $769,000.