CAPE COD (WPRI) — Two orphaned coyote pups found abandoned earlier this year have returned back to the wild.

The first pup was found off of a busy roadway in Smithfield back in April and was brought to the Wildlife Clinic of Rhode Island for treatment.

The female pup was eventually transferred to the Cape Wildlife Center, which specializes in raising orphaned coyotes. She arrived at the center soon after it took in a male pup who was inadvertently mistaken as a lost German Shepherd puppy.

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The orphaned pups were eventually introduced in an effort to help them maintain their wild instincts, according to the center.

The two have been inseparable ever since and made “impressive strides” throughout their time at the center.

“[Since] they’ve had each other as companions, they have remained wild and weary of humans,” the center explained.

Both pups were released Wednesday after spending six months together at the center.

The center said they were released as a unit to “increase their survival rate in the wild.”

“While some coyotes may choose to part ways after release something tells us these two may be bonded for life,” the center said.