(WPRI) — More than five years after hundreds of Rhode Islanders ordered them, the Rocky Point-themed license plates are finally in production.

The license plates pay homage to Rocky Point State Park. The 120-acre site used to be home to the Rocky Point Amusement Park, which closed down in 1994.

The design features the large arch located at the entrance, which is one of the few artifacts that remain from the amusement park.

While lawmakers gave the special license plate the green light back in 2016, all charities were required to reach 900 pre-paid orders before the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles would start issuing them.

The requirement has since dropped to either 600 pre-paid orders or a minimum of 150 pre-paid orders with the remainder of the requirement paid for by the charity, making it possible for the Rocky Point plates to be issued.

Those who pre-ordered the charity plates can pick them up between 10 a.m. and noon on Nov. 5 from the Edgewood Yacht Club.

The charity plates cost $42.50, with $20 of the purchase directly benefitting the Rocky Point Foundation.

Anyone who wishes to purchase a Rocky Point license plate can fill out a charity plate application online.