METHUEN, Mass. (WPRI) — To mark the start of Adopt a Horse Month, MSPCA-Angell is looking for someone to take in Marty, a 30-year-old mini pony.

“Marty is quite the character,” the MSPCA said. “He can be easygoing, but also sassy at times. He usually enjoys people, but will walk away when he needs a break.”

When Marty arrived at Nevins Farm in December, he was underweight and had dental problems that made it difficult for him to eat, according to the MSPCA. He was surrendered by his owner who was unable to give him the geriatric care he needs.

“Since then, the Nevins team fixed his teeth, got him on a proper diet, and nursed him back to health,” the MSPCA said, adding that it helped him gain more than 50 pounds.

“Marty has made tremendous progress in the four months he’s been here,” said Rachel Navarro, assistant manager of equine and farm animals at Nevins. “He looks and acts half his age!”

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Now he’s looking for a home to spend his golden years.

“Marty’s one-of-a-kind,” Navarro added. “He’ll be the oldest mini [pony] we’ve ever placed, but he still has a lot of life, love, and laughter to give in exchange for the perfect retirement home his new owners will give him.”

The MSPCA says Marty needs to be on a soaked diet and has Cushing’s Disease, which is common in older horses and can be managed with daily medication.

“We’re looking for an adopter who has experience with horses and will be able to make sure Marty stays healthy and strong,” Navarro said.

Marty is an independent horse that can be alone or join a herd, as long as he is slowly introduced.

Those who are interested in adopting Marty can learn more on the MSPCA’s website.