CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Residents in a Cranston neighborhood were stunned to see a military macaw resting on a power line Wednesday afternoon.

Julia Bedard tells 12 News she spotted the colorful bird outside her Norman Avenue home. She shared video footage of the bird perched on the power line, letting out an occasional squawk and flapping its wings.

Bedard later learned that the macaw came from the Roger Williams Park Zoo, which sent staff to retrieve the bird.

But the bird didn’t escape its enclosure, according to the zoo. It is actually one of several macaws taking part in daily free-flight training with staff.

“Daily training with zoo staff allows our feathered friends to build confidence, encourages curiosity and widens their familiarity with their environment,” the zoo said. “Granting the birds access to the zoo, park and surrounding community enables them to learn from their experiences and gain powerful knowledge of their surroundings.”

The zoo explained that three of the birds “made a couple of pit stops” during their training sessions Wednesday, but have since returned home safe.

[The birds] typically know their way home, but the high winds got them outside of their usual flight area,” the zoo said.

The three macaws went for “a much bigger fly” than usual after getting knocked off course. The zoo estimated that the birds flew approximately five miles “…which sounds like a lot, but is much less than their wild counterparts.”

The macaws were out flying again Thursday, according to the zoo, and appear to have “learned from their experience.”