LITTLE COMPTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Growing up in Rhode Island you’re bound to be known around town, but for the Kinnane brothers, they’re now getting global recognition.

To the world, they’re the directors behind the number one film on Netflix this week called “Home Team” but if you ask these seven brothers, they will say they’re still just little kids having fun as a family in Little Compton.

“It’s what we did for fun growing up. We had access to, our grandparents had an old VHS camcorder, and we were able to take it and make movies with all the brothers and sisters and our cousins and all our friends in town, so it’s what we did for fun. It’s what kept us out of trouble,” Chuck Kinnane said.

That hobby turned into a career for Chuck and his brother-in-law Jeff.

“He had a really big project and needed some help, so we all just jumped on and edited and stuff like that and shot a bunch of stuff, and then we just never really stopped,” Jeff said.

Just before the pandemic hit, their work got the attention of actor Kevin James, but then Hollywood shut down.

The Kinnane brothers were safely isolated so they could keep making short films together, but this time with a new family member — James.

“We shot a bunch of short films and these guys kind of built his YouTube channel with him, and during lockdown, because there was nothing to do, we ended up quarantining with him,” Chuck said.

“We basically lived with him,” Jeff added. “I mean we had an Airbnb we would go to and sleep in, but we were with him every single day in his garage.”

When James was cast as the star in Home Team — based on a true story of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton — the Kinnane brothers were cast as the directors.

“It was cool because we were in the Top Ten and we were the number one movie,” Chuck said. “It was incredible.”

The brothers say working together made work enjoyable and not stressful.

“Every day after work, we would all get together and watch the daily’s, and as a group, we would just discuss what can we do better? We’d have half a scene and say we still got to complete the second half? How can we complete it? How can we pull it together? And it’s something we did as brothers every day,” Jeff explained.

12 News previously bumped into Brendan Kinnane on Jan. 1 and asked him what his new year’s resolution was. He jokingly said get a coffee, but he actually got to have a small acting role in their film.

The future definitely looks bright for this family.