PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Roger Williams Park Zoo announced Wednesday the birth of its latest endangered golden lion tamarin.

The golden lion tamarin was born on Aug. 11. Zookeepers have not yet determined the baby’s gender.

Golden lion tamarins are squirrel-sized monkeys with a golden ruff that resembles a lion’s mane. At birth, the golden lion tamarin is fully furred with eyes open. It clings to its mother for the first few weeks and nurses for 90 days.

After about five weeks, it begins to experience things independently.

Visitors can see the baby golden lion tamarin and its mom inside the Faces of the Rainforest exhibit.

The golden lion tamarin is native to the tropical forests of Brazil and is listed as endangered. The Zoo said the destruction of 90% of the Atlantic coast’s forests for logging and development has played a significant role in the endangerment of the species.

“Golden lion tamarins are one of 50 species we have here at the Zoo managed under the Species Survival Plan (SSP),” said Amy Roberts, the Zoo’s director of animal programs. “The Zoo is one of 150 worldwide participating in the golden lion tamarin SSP.”