LAKEVILLE, Mass. (WPRI) — There’s an emu on the loose in Lakeville, and the town’s animal control officer is trying to catch it.

In a social media post Monday, Lakeville Animal Control Officer David Frates said the emu has been frequently spotted near Lang Street and County Road.

But the emu doesn’t stay in one spot for too long, which is why Frates is urging residents in the surrounding neighborhoods to report any sightings.

Frates said he has been in contact with a man who has experience catching escaped emus, “but we need to find where it hangs out the most.”

“The person who owned it moved out of state, so it has no home to return to, which will make it harder to catch,” he wrote, adding that the bird made a break for it last week during moving day.

Anyone who has spotted the emu is urged to contact the Lakeville Animal Shelter by calling (508) 947-3891.

Emus are the second-tallest living bird, followed by the ostrich. Though emus can’t fly, they can sprint as fast as 30 mph when necessary.