SCITUATE, R.I. (WPRI) — When Kendra Cucino D’Allesandro lost her right leg in a motorcycle crash last year, she was horrified by the thought of never being able to walk again.

“My heart dropped,” she previously told 12 News. “My entire world got flipped upside down.”

But the fitness competitor refused to throw in the towel.

Cucino D’Allesandro spent months building up her strength and learning to walk with a prosthetic limb, and on Wednesday, she received a brand new “running blade” that will help her stay active.

“This prosthetic feels so much lighter than my other prosthetic,” Cucino D’Allesandro said.

“It’s great. It feels like I’m running on air,” she continued. “It’s just incredible to get that feeling back again … my independence.”

Cucino D’Allesandro was gifted the new prosthetic through “The Born to Run Foundation.” The organization was founded by Noelle Lambert, who lost her left leg in a car crash in 2016 and went on to compete in the Paralympics.

Lambert tells 12 News this was the organization’s 15th donation.

“For me to receive all the help that I did going through everything … I wouldn’t be here without it, so I am just super excited to be able to give back,” Lambert said.

Lambert said the prosthetic running blade will allow Cucino D’Allesandro to run long distance and sprint, and ultimately, the 31-year-old will be able to do “anything she wants with it.”

“I’m disabled, but I’m not broken,” Lambert said. “You know what, you’ve just go to rock it. Once you kind of love yourself and love your leg, you can do anything in life. You literally feel like a superhero.”

Cucino D’Allesandro is still searching for the mystery man who she credits with saving her life. She hopes that one day, she will be able to reconnect with him and personally thank him for his actions during one of the worst days of her life.

Ryan Welch contributed to this report.