JOHNSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — An unusual visitor showed up in a Johnston neighborhood this week.

A large steer was spotted miles from the nearest farm, and it’s still out there.

Providence police say the steer was on its way from Connecticut to a slaughterhouse when it somehow got loose.

Johnston police confirm the bovine escaped from Rhode Island Beef & Veal. The business declined to comment on the matter.

In a video from a 12 News viewer, the steer was spotted on Merino Street. The viewer said it was heading up Cedar Street towards Killingly Street when police arrived.

Providence police say around 3:30 a.m. Thursday, they called Johnston and R.I. State police saying the steer was heading towards the highway, but ultimately turned around and entered a neighborhood.

While following the steer, the DEM/Animal Control said they did not have the capabilities to capture/transport the steer. Police then reached out to several farms in the area to try and get the animal before it was injured or caused an accident.

Police say they were able to follow the steer until it reached the area of Button Hole Drive in Providence, and entered a wooden area. At that point, officers were unable to follow the steer and lost sight of it.

On social media, multiple people say they want to buy the animal to prevent it from being slaughtered. Some saying it could cost up to $2,000.

Heidi Medas is one of those willing to take in the steer, she runs a farm and rescue in Norton called Smokey Chestnut Farm.

“If I can help support the animal in its life then I am all for it,” Medas said. “If a bill has to be paid than so be it.”

Before anyone can take it in, they have to find it, and the right people have to find it — a steer won’t exactly fit inside the back of a police cruiser.