BOSTON (WPRI) — It only took a few days for a 6-month-old Munchkin cat who survived a mystery illness to find her forever home.

The Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) announced Monday that Dollie has been adopted.

The cat was surrendered by her previous family after she began suffering from a mystery illness.

“[Dollie’s family was] understandably overwhelmed with her extensive medical issues,” MSPCA-Angell’s Mike Keiley said. “After they made the decision to surrender her to us, we did all we could to figure out what exactly was happening to this little cat.”

Dollie was diagnosed with ischemic dermatopathy, which the MSCPA-Angell dermatology specialist Dr. Meagan Painter said is typically caused by a reaction to something in the body that leads to widespread inflammation.

The MSPCA said Dollie was also diagnosed with ringworm, adding that the treatment turned parts of her fur yellow.

Dollie has since made a full recovery, according to Keiley, though one of her legs and her tail had to be amputated.

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Keiley said MSPCA received hundreds of applications for Dollie, adding that it was hard to choose which home would be the best fit.

“Even without the medical mystery, she would have been adopted within 10 seconds of being on the adoption floor just from her overall profile,” Keiley said. “She’s so cute and adorable.”

Keiley said Dollie was adopted by a young adult couple who the MSPCA determined could provide the necessary life for the Munchkin cat.

The couple has already changed the cat’s name to Mochi, which Keiley believes fits her even better than her original name.