WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Bobcats were seen prowling around two local communities on Tuesday.

A resident of the Cowesett section of Warwick sent 12 News a video of the bobcat in her backyard.

Another video submitted to 12 News shows a bobcat on the edge of their yard on Englewood Road in Coventry.

Mike Healey from the R.I. Department of Environmental Management (DEM) said they’re believed to be different bobcats, noting the one in Coventry had a longer tail.

DEM wildlife biologist Morgan Lucot says bobcats have historically existed in Rhode Island.

“Just like a lot of our other mid-sized carnivores and large carnivores, they were pushed out by influx of people, agriculture, things like that,” she explained.

The good news, according to Lucot, is that the cats are increasingly returning to the state.

“It’s been great to see them back in Rhode Island” she said. “They’ve been trickling in over the last several years.”

Lucot said there’s been an increase in sightings.

“I think people are kind of enjoying it. It’s an interesting animal to see in your backyard, and they are really stunningly beautiful,” she added.

Bobcats are rarely a danger to humans or pets.

“Yes, they’re carnivores and they’re good hunters,” Lucot said, “but we are not on the menu.”

Bobcats will occasionally snatch domestic chickens, ducks or rabbits. They are also known to sometimes visit bird feeders looking for squirrels and birds.

If you end up in close proximity to a bobcat, Lucot said you can make noise or wave your hands in the air to scare it away, but you likely won’t even see the cats.

“They’re particularly secretive. They’re shy animals,” Lucot explained. “It really is a good thing to see one, it’s not overly common, not everyone gets to in their lifetime.”

If you see a bobcat, you can call (401) 789-7481 to report it to the DEM.