GLOCESTER, R.I. (WPRI) — Over the summer, the Wildlife Clinic of Rhode Island received an unusual call for help.

Arianna Mouradjian, director of operations, said the caller reported finding a bobcat kitten inside the kitchen at a Glocester campsite.

“My best guess is that she snuck in through an open door or window … she was probably hungry,” Mouradjian said. “The babies generally don’t wander very far from the den, especially at that age, so to find one in that circumstance indicates that maybe something was wrong.”

Mouradjian said the finder was able to lure the female kitten into a pet carrier with cat food and safely transport her to the wildlife clinic.

Much to their surprise, Mouradjian said the kitten was relatively healthy.

“She was a little bit underweight, but nothing too bad,” she explained.

Once the kitten was vaccinated and given a clean bill of health, Mourdjian said she was released into an enclosure for rehabilitation.

Mouradjian believes the kitten is roughly four months old and will remain at the wildlife clinic for at least another month before she’s released.

The kitten has not only grown since she first arrived at the wildlife clinic, she’s also maintained her wild instincts, according to Mouradjian.

“Bobcats are one of those species that typically don’t tame easily,” she said. “We were lucky that this particular kitten had a history of wildlife … she came to us very wild and we’ve just worked hard to make sure we maintained that instinctual fear of humans and enhance her wild nature so she has the best chance of survival our there.”

Mouradjian said the wildlife clinic plans to release the kitten back into the wild in late October or early November.

Anyone who comes across a potentially injured or orphaned animal is urged to contact the Wildlife Clinic of Rhode Island by calling (401) 294-6363.