BOSTON (WPRI) — More than two dozen cats rescued from Darlington, South Carolina, are looking for their forever homes.

The MSPCA-Angell and the Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) said 32 cats are safe after arriving from the Darlington Humane Society on Saturday.

This transport was the first from Darlington as part of a new partnership with the agencies.

“It’s a win-win, with the relocated cats coming to Massachusetts where they’re more likely to find new, loving homes, while we help staff in South Carolina implement long-term improvements for cats there,” said MSPCA-Angell Director of Adoption Centers and Programs and NEAS Executive Director Mike Keiley.

The cats are almost entirely domestic short hairs and range in age from five months to two years old, according to the MSPCA.

They will be available for adoption following their state-mandated 48-hour quarantine and receive any medical care they may need.

If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, you can do so on NEAS’ adoption page.