Eyewitness News is bringing in-depth, investigative journalism to new heights with 12 on 12 Digital Originals on WPRI.com and on the WPRI 12 News App. Our first 12 on 12 Digital Original premieres Wednesday with The Cold Case Cards: All In.

In November, detectives unveiled a deck of cards. Each of the 52 cards shines a spotlight on an unsolved homicide or missing person investigation in Rhode Island. Every week, WPRI 12 has gone inside the investigation on every case in the deck.

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Now, in our first 12 on 12 Digital Original, Eyewitness News reporter Steve Nielsen goes all-in on this unique crime-solving tool. From the Iraq war to dozens of solved investigations nationally, he investigates how the cards have succeeded elsewhere. He uncovers how Rhode Island is at the forefront of DNA breakthroughs in just the last six months. You’ll also witness exclusive access to a groundbreaking statewide task force charged with completing Rhode Island’s most unsolvable cases.

Don’t miss a 12 on 12 Digital Original—The Cold Case Cards: All In on Wednesday at 5 p.m. on WPRI.com and on WPRI 12 news app.

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