Marie Osmond: A Symphonic Christmas with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra Ticket Giveaway Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 12/1/2022-12/15/2022
Congratulations to Phil Perry!

The Nutcracker/Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel Giveaway Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 11/22/2022-12/9/2022
Congratulations to Sandra Vadnais!

Home for the Holidays 2022 Local Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 11/7/2022-12/13/2022
Congratulations to James Cordero!

Les Misérables Ticket Giveaway: Enter to Win Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 10/31/2022-11/11/2022
Congratulations to Christopher Kennedy!

The Illusionists at the VETS: Enter to Win Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 10/28/2022-11/11/2022
Congratulations to Deborah Mariotti, Michael Manchester & Lynn Marrese!

Tootsie at PPAC: Enter to Win Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 10/11/2022-10/20/2022
Congratulations to Jennifer L.!

2022 New England Nation Game of the Month Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 9/1/2022-12/19/2022
Congratulations to Jessica Webb, Winnie Isom, Sheena Duckworth & Patrick Hodge!

Master Chef Jr. LIVE at the VETS: Enter to Win Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 9/19/2022-10/6/2022
Congratulations to Julio Adorno, Sara Hunt & Jeff Springsteen!

Mean Girls at PPAC: Enter to Win Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 9/14/2022-9/28/2022
Congratulations to Debbie Harkness!

The Tina Turner Musical at PPAC: Enter to Win Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 8/23/2022-9/5/2022
Congratulations to Andrea Fernandes!

Rocket Man Show at PPAC Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 6/27/2022-7/10/2022
Congratulations to Nancy Charbonneau!

Sail Away on the Block Island Ferry Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 6/6/2022-8/28/2022
Congratulations to Chandra Massey, Pauline Asprinio, Robin Ferrini, Tiffany DellaVentura, Kathy Gannon, Chris Correa, Goldie Williams, Sally McFarland, Richard Kalunian, Kristine Ferrare and Karen Humphries!

Dad A Day Contest
Run Dates: 5/23/2022-6/12/2022
Congratulations to Matthew Haslehurst, Kevin Lawrence, Wayne Evans, Michael Pereira, and Marc Cormier!

Blue Man Group Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 5/5/2022-5/19/2022
Congratulations to Crystal Smith-Johnston!

My Fair Lady Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 4/18/2022-5/1/2022
Congratulations to Tyler Lewis!

Mom A Day Contest
Run Dates: 4/11/2022-5/1/2022
Congratulations to Jeanine Caswell, Michele Schenck, Brandon Miller, Gabriela Silva, and Angell Williams!

Ain’t Too Proud Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 4/5/2022-4/13/2022
Congratulations to Tonya Pool!

OKLAHOMA! Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 3/11/2022-3/23/2022
Congratulations to Lauren Costa!

What’s In Your Fridge? No Food Waste with Chef Alison Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 2/8/2022-3/21/2022
Congratulations to Timothy Webb, Geralyn Julian, and Georgiann Krawiec!

The Prom Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 3/1/2022-3/10/2022
Congratulations to Sandra Beaudreau!

Pro Football Challenge
Run Dates: 9/9/2021-2/13/2022
Congratulations to John Karbonik!

Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 1/24/2022-2/5/2022
Congratulations to Michael Farrelly, Natalia Brum, and Heather Larch Hallam!

Smugglers’ Notch Resort Vacation Sweepstakes
Run Dates: 1/11/2022-1/24/2022
Congratulations to Sherri DeSilva and Jennifer Larose!

Remarkable Women
Run Dates: 11/29/2021-12/31/2021
Congratulations to Cheryl Cunha!