Remarkable Women
Run dates: 12/13/2019-12/31/2019
Congratulations to Yvonne Heredia!

Home for the Holidays
Run dates: 11/13/2019-12/21/2019
Congratulations to Richard Wright!

PPAC’s Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas Giveaway
Run dates: 11/27/2019-12/11/2019
Congratulations to Susan Brayton!

PPAC’s The Nutcracker Giveaway
Run dates: 11/25/2019-12/5/2019
Congratulations to Lisa Sidibe!

PPAC’s Come From Away Giveaway
Run dates: 11/19/2019-11/20/2019

Turkey Dinner Giveaway
Run dates: 11/4/2019-11/20/2019
Congratulations to Chester Duclos!

Auto Racing
Run dates: 2/17/2019-11/17/2019
Congratulations to Sarah Sirois and Karen George!

The Mel Robbins Show Giveaway
Run dates: 9/16/2019-11/6/2019
Congratulations to Lucie Blais!

Nancy Drew Clue Contest
Run dates: 10/9/2019-10/31/2019
Congratulations to Amanda Martin, Dawn Mowry, Susan Gavitt, and Sebastian Shoup!

PPAC’s Aladdin Giveaway
Run dates: 9/30/2019-10/20/2019
Congratulations to Rebecca Raposa!

PPAC’s Escape to Margaritaville Giveaway
Run dates: 9/9/2019-9/22/2019
Congratulations to Donna Higgins!

Block Island Ferry
Run dates: 6/3/2019-8/22/2019
Congratulations to Norma Salisbury, Kristine Ferrare, Jonathan Alves, Kara O’Rourke, Bryan Tavares, Melissa Paira, Paul Lacroix Jr., Stephanie Ortz, and Lisa Chase!

90210 Trivia
Run dates: 8/12/2019-8/16/2019
Congratulations to Brian Palazzo!

Bling Eye Wear Giveaway
Run dates: 6/17/2019-6/30/2019
Congratulations to Emerson Miller!

Furniture Clearance Center Recliner Giveaway
Run dates: 6/19/2019-6/30/2019
Congratulations to Debra Shapiro!

PPAC’s The Band’s Visit Giveaway
Run dates: 6/11/2019-6/20/2019
Congratulations to Harout Diarbian!

Seekonk Grand Prix Giveaway
Run dates: 5/13/2019-6/14/2019
Congratulations to Joann Sullivan!

CVS Health Charity Classic Ultimate Prize Pack
Run dates: 5/17/2019-6/13/2019
Congratulations to Sandra Sadlier!

Crave RI
Run dates: 5/27/2019-6/13/2019
Congratulations to Michelle Rego!

Dad-a-Day Photo Contest
Run dates: 5/22/2019-6/9/2019
Congratulations to Marquis Harper Jr., Elaine Cottrell, Susan Hawkins, and David Yabut!

PPAC’s Waitress Giveaway
Run dates: 4/30/2019-5/9/2019
Congratulations to Holly Leonetti!

Mom-a-Day Photo Contest
Run dates: 3/27/2019-4/24/2019
Congratulations to Kimberly Rutter, Gail Fitton, Miguel Sanchez, Amanda Lemire, and Emma Murray!

Basketball Madness
Run dates: 3/17/2019-4/6/2019
Congratulations to Derek Kurze, Gary Pelletier, John Karbonik, Steve Foster, and Janice Pelletier!

Festival Ballet Providence’s Swan Lake Giveaway
Congratulations to Melissa McManus!

Whiskey Republic Giveaway
Congratulations to Heather Smith-Rodrigues!

PPAC’s Phantom of the Opera Giveaway
Congratulations to Karen George!

New England Outdoor Living and Garden Show
Congratulations to Rebecca Wetmore and Carolyn Hawkins!

Smugglers’ Notch Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Package Giveaway
Congratulations to Rita Phillips!

PPAC’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Giveaway
Congratulations to Jamie Baldwin!

Paw Patrol Live Giveaway
Congratulations to Kelly Kulpa!

PPAC’s CATS Giveaway
Congratulations to Tracy Brouillard!

FOX Pay Your Rent
Congratulations to Deborah Flinton!