Local food blogger Holly Vine joined The Rhode Show to make bruschetta and a salad.Bruschetta-

1 ciabatta loaf

2 cloves garlic

bunch fresh basil

6 ripe large tomatoes (it’s nice if you can get different colored ones to make the bruschetta look really interesting)

drizzle of olive oil

salt and pepper

Slice the bread on a diagonal line so you have large slices with a good surface area. drizzle some oil onto a baking sheet and sprinkle with olive oil, rub both sides of each of the bread slices into the oil then bake at 350f for about 20 minutes until golden brown.

Whilst baking, roughly chop the tomatoes, removing the stalks, excess seeds and pulpy insides. Roughly chop the basil and add to the tomatoes with a drizzle of oil, slat and pepper, scrunch the tomatoes with your hands so you they mixed with the basil but still have a chunky texture. Leave to infuse with the basil whilst the bread bakes.

When the bread is baked, remove from the over and rub the tops sides with a cut clove of garlic, this will give a nice hint of flavor without being over powering.

Top the bread with the tomatoes, garnish with extra basil and a drizzle of oil.Salad-

half a melon (cantaloupe or honey dew)

a bag of arugula

1/2 lb thinly slice prosciutto

3 tablespoons of pine nuts

red wine vinegar

olive oil

salt and pepper

Scoop out the seeds of the melon and place in a sieve over a bowl, scrunch the seeds to extract all the juice form the pulp, save in the bowl.

Slice the melon into thin crescents, then slice the skin away.

Arrange the salad with a base of arugula, the melon slices, draped prosciutto and sprinkled pine nuts on a large platter.

Mix the melon juice with oil, the red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to make a sweet and tangy dressing. Pour over the dressing just before serving.